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Where I’ve Been…

On the eve of the New Year I usually look back to contemplate where I have been, and tonight, I am thinking about where in the WORLD I have been… There’s this nifty map making gizmo on the web and it shows the countries I have been to so far–way more than I imagined! How […]

Christmas Socks

Christmas Socks

Level: Intermediate.  A fun sock in 4 sizes (children, women, men, and Christmas Stocking), worked in red, white, and green gansey (or firm sport weight) yarn. Bands of 2-color patterns adorn this sock with motifs of Christmas trees, wreaths, candles, snowflakes and more! Instructions included for a heel which is worked after the sock is […]

Interweave Lab

What a treat to go back to California as the weather in Vermont is getting so cold.  I flew in to San Francisco and took a shuttle to the San Mateo hotel where Interweave Lab was to be held.  It was gloriously warm and sunny the whole time I was there.  Although my classes were […]


I remember, when my kids were little,  getting a notice from school that there was an outbreak of head lice among the children.   Yes, even in the most scrupulously clean of families, this can happen, much to my chagrin.  My kids (and I) got a couple doses of that icky shampoo whether we needed […]

The Brooklyn Bridge and the Met

Sunday, we went for a walk.  I saw the famous brownstone homes and lovely iron fences… I will admit it.  I thought I was gonna die by the time we got to the Met.  My feet were killing me.  But I am so glad we went across the bridge.  It was a wonderful sight:  the […]

The Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Musuem is the permanent home of Judy Chicago’s seminal (ovular?) work “The Dinner Party”.  This feminist piece of collaborative art was shocking in the 1970s when it was unveiled to the world.  But the talent of needlework and ceramic skill was, and is still, mesmerizing.  The place settings are made of needlework that […]

The Vermont Retreats

WOW!  This was the first year I held the August retreats without Margaret Wilson  at the helm.  I have always thought of her as the glue that binds this wonderful event together, so I knew I needed help if I was to put this event on without her. I was fortunate that Marilyn King (of […]

A Vacay in New York

After the huge amount of work I have done this summer, I was so grateful that I had had enough forethought to schedule in a vacation.  New York City is not my most favorite place, but, wherever one’s first born is, one must go! I took the train down and hung out in Penn Station […]

Stitches MidWest

 I love Stitches MidWest!  It is always a fun time.  It is a bit smaller than the other Stitches shows, and I like that.  The scale of the market and the whole show in general is more manageable for me.  Yes, I am an introvert and like smaller groups. Here is my class, working hard […]

My Garden

Cooler weather is showing up in Vermont.  I have been grateful that it was a rainy summer because I was away so much with no one to water my garden.  But in the past week it has been a deluge.  The cantaloupe were ALMOST ripe a week ago, so I went today to pick about […]

More on Iceland

On our trip up north, we stopped at Alafoss, a mill of wondrous Lopi yarn and lovely Icelandic sweaters.  Here is Betty looking at the sweaters hanging outside. We all enjoyed looking at and buying yarn.   Then, back on the bus!  We saw some glaciers in the distance and at one point, Ragga remarked […]