Part One: January and February lead into March…

A lovely way to glide into the new year’s teaching schedule was NOT having to fly all of January!  Trekking down to Connecticut, I  taught Aran Design at Knitting Central in Westport.  This shop is so delightful with its rich array of yarns on the walls and the leopard carpeting.  From there, I  summoned my courage to take a train into *The City*, meaning NYC, to visit my beloved first born who lives in Brooklyn.  I am totally aware of how intimidating the city is to me.  But I really wanted to see Jorn and I was this close!  Rural America is so much more my speed, but I did survive and had a good time to boot!

January was so snowy and cold (hovering around zero for most of the month).  I got really attached to this humongo icicle that hung down from the roof in front of my office window.  It got larger than my arm and was inching towards the ground.  Damacles’ Sword, aiming for the clothes dryer vent outside…  But down it went as the roof was raked of its snow—a common practice here up North to avoid roof collapse and ice jams.

Woodstock, Vermont is a lovely jewel of a town, where I taught ganseys at the local library, an architectural feast for the eyes in itself.  MLK’s Birthday is a big weekend for skiers and tourists there, and I was thrilled to be staying at the Most Classy B&B there: The Farmhouse Inn.  I have been going to bed with cocoa every night since visiting there because I purchased some home made marshmallows there and they are divine!

In February, I was in Philadelphia, teaching at Loop.  Four and a half hours from home door to hotel door—a record for any travel I do.  So, OK, I only went from Hartford to Philadelphia, but it’s a pleasure to still see daylight and have some time to work in my room  before dinner and an early bedtime.

It’s culture shock for me to be in a noisy city, riding in a taxi, horns blowing, buildings closing in, and people hurrying everywhere.  Back in Putney I have been practicing walking meditation, and that causes me to slow down enough to notice the exquisite details of life.  Here I found myself numbing out to avoid sensory overload.  But hey, that’s Philadelphia!  Here are some photos of this wonderful shop and its owner, Craig Rosenfeld.  Such a warm and welcoming shop!  And now there’s a new shop next door for the sewing population: Spool!



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