Keeping your workspace organized

I am very glad I decided to open up an Etsy shop.  I am now privy to a lot of great articles on all types of subjects.  Here is a wonderful one, with photos to drool over, about different artists’ work spaces.

I was so impressed with myself when I cleaned up my office at the beginning of the year.  The issue is that if you don’t have the  right storage for all your stuff, the organization doesn’t last long.  In addition, there needs to be space in which to work.  I am so frustrated with the lack of space that I am contemplating renting some studio space.  However, I love staying at home to do my work, so it is a problem.  I keep eyeing that second bedroom that my daughter Chelsea is in, and imagining how I would organize it with my Stuff if she moved out.  (She has the only real closet in the whole apartment.)

Once I brought my basket making supplies into the house, chaos reared its ugly head once again.  Every bit of wall space already has either a book case or a cupboard on it housing my yarns, knitted samples, fibers, books, and tools.  Time for a road trip to Ikea, I think.

I wonder if any of you have found a great solution to housing your Stuff.  Wanna share?

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