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Alaska, Part 6: Friends, old and new

The people one meets at these events are really the whole point: deepening relationships with those you already know, and striking new friendships.  I feel lucky whenever I go back to teach a group more than once, because I love to get to know my students.  In this case, I felt closer to the inhabitants […]

Alaska, Part 5: A memorable seaplane ride

The day before I flew home, Dotty corralled some of us teachers and off we went on an adventure…to get on a sea plane and see the sights from above!  Breathtaking does not even come close to the wild beauty of Alaska.  We flew over several glaciers, mountains, and the “flats” where many of the fishing […]

Alaska, Part 1: Getting there…

I’ve been looking forward to taking part in the Fisher Folk event to be held in Cordova, Alaska.  I had taught there last year, helping over 20 knitters to design their own ganseys for the Cordova Gansey Project.  I couldn’t wait to see what they had accomplished over this past year!  And… I am to […]

A New Pattern: The Orca Run

I am thrilled that this pattern is finally completed.   For those of you waiting (since, um, October of last year???) I apologize for the long wait.  This cardigan is knitted in the Cowichan style.  It features motifs of waves and Orca whales and many traditional techniques. You can buy it here. The Cowichan sweater […]

My Pattern Developing Process

With my teaching schedule, and life in general, it always takes me so long to complete a pattern.  It is tedious work and requires hours of concentration. Once I conceive the idea, I get the yarn and swatch, flesh out basic directions, do some charting of motifs, and then knit the sweater (or send the […]

The Afterthought Thumb

Many of you have probably come across the “peasant” or “afterthought” heel in your sock knitting.  The same technique can be applied to gussetless thumbs in mittens. These thumbs must be comprised of more stitches than you would otherwise assume to avoid the mitten from twisting toward the thumb, causing it to sit off-center.  The mitten […]

TNNA 2015

              TNNA was held in Columbus again this year.  I had a good time, learned a good bit of info, and schmoozed with old friends and new.   It was the 40th anniversary of TNNA!     At left I am in the Up North booth.  Barb Catani, the […]