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Sanquhar Gloves DVD

Sanquhar glove knitting began in Scotland in the late 1800s.  Many patterns have been created for this fascinating glove, but the layout and architecture remains the same.  This DVD takes you on a step-by-step knitting journey to make a pair of Sanquhar gloves from cuff to fingertip. The gloves are covered with special details including […]

Color Stranded Knitting Techniques Digital DVD

Color Stranded Knitting DVD

PLEASE NOTE: THE HARD COPY VERSION OF THIS DVD IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  IT IS AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD HERE. This DVD delves into color-stranded knitting, sometimes erroneously called “Fair Isle” knitting.  Beth begins slowly for beginners by explaining the basics of English style knitting and purling (holding the yarn in the right hand), […]

Knitting Ganseys DVD

Knitting Ganseys DVD

From the author of the classic best-selling book on Gansey knitting, this DVD provides an introduction to the tradition of this elegant, practical sweater. Learn by doing: Knit along with Beth with step-by-step instruction and demonstration of a doll-sized sampler sweater. Filled with techniques and tips to use in any knitting project. Take your knitting […]