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Based on motifs and the classic scalloped edge seen in Latvian mittens, this modified drop-shoulder child’s sweater is knitted in the round with steeks worked for the armholes and neck. The steeks are machine-stitched and cut, and the sleeves (knitted from the cuff up) have a facing to hide most of the cut edges. (I have created a video to […]


Experienced.   Four sizes.  This cardigan is knitted from the bottom up as one piece, back and forth, including the button bands which are patterned in the OX cable.  (The buttonholes are hidden in the “O”s of this cable.)  This was knitted in the Wensleydale yarn by British Breeds, but is lovely also in Black Water […]

Helix Socks

Helix Knitting is an interesting technique involving stripes of single rows, worked circularly. Knitting stripes circularly in the normal manner–one round of one color, then one round of another color– creates a jog, “steps” in the stripes, where they don’t meet up cleanly at the beginning of the round. This disturbs some people and certain techniques have been devised to avoid […]

The Orca Run: A Cowichan-style Cardigan

The First Nations people of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada are known as the Coast Salish people.  Having a cultural tradition of weaving and spinning dog and goat hair, they were introduced to sheep and to knitting in the 19th century. The sturdy, long-wearing Cowichan sweaters evolved over time and have been made from the knitters’ own handspun yarns […]

Swedish North Halland Cap

Intermediate. This wonderful cap is an original design by my friend John Crane, who was inspired by my North Halland Sweater workshop. He says this pattern is “in honor of Beth Brown-Reinsel for bringing historical knitted garments to life for our generation of knitters.” He is so kind! The hat is knitted in the round, beginning with the band, which features […]

Saami Mittens

Experienced.  The Saami people live in the northern most areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia and are the nomadic indigenous people of Scandinavia. Their folk costumes are made of bright colors and their knitted mittens, worn on special occasions, follow this tradition. These mittens begin with a traditional three-color braided cast-on and are worked […]


Sanquhar (pronounced “Sanker”) Gloves have captivated the Scottish and non-Scottish alike since the late 1800s when they were first created.  These gloves were favored for riding and driving horses, playing the sport of curling, and looking fashionably smart as well. Several classic patterns have survived, most notably the ‘Duke’ and ‘Prince of Wales’. The architecture of these wonderful gloves […]

Spring Latvian Fingerless Mitts

Spring Latvian Fingerless Mitts

Mittens have long played a part in traditional Latvian society. In the past, young women aspired to have from 50 to 200 pairs of mittens knitted for their wedding day when they would give mittens to in-laws, people who contributed to the wedding, and for hanging in auspicious places in the new home. The mitten as a symbol of friendship and esteem […]

Little Christmas Socks

This sock is knitted circularly in two colors from the ribbing to the toe. To create a Christmas tree ornament, use green and red yarn.  The gauge is 12 sts/inch but you can use heavier yarn and larger needles for a larger sock. Level: Intermediate. Materials Yarn: Approximately 25 yards each of Fingering Yarn in […]

Gansey Fingerless Mitts

Gansey Fingerless Mitts

Ganseys are the traditional British fisherman’s sweater from the 1800s. Some of the techniques used in making a gansey sweater will be learned by knitting this fingerless mitt. The Channel Island Cast-on and garter stitch split welts which are optionally overlapped make up the gauntlet. Small cables and traditional knit/purl motifs are worked in the […]

Jerod’s Worsted Weight Gansey

Jerod's Worsted Weight Gansey

This easy child’s gansey is knitted in worsted weight  yarn.  The garment includes horizontal patterning and simple shoulder extensions, seam stitches, bisected underarm gussets, and ribbed cuff, neckband, bottom edge.  It is knitted the round from the cast-on to the underarm, then knitted flat in the upper body to the shoulders.  Once the shoulders are […]

Yummy Socks

Yummy Socks

Easy. These socks are knitted in one solid color Aran weight or heavy worsted weight yarn. The leg is ribbed, and there is a choice of using either the “Auto” heel or the Dutch heel. The toe uses wedge construction. This pattern offers six sizes, from toddlers to men. Three variations are also included in the […]

Ullared Socks

Ullared Socks

Intermediate. Sized for small and large children, women, and men. These black and red socks are reminiscent of the Swedish Ullared sweater of the late 1800s and distantly related to the Swedish North Halland sweaters. The ribbing, heel, and toe are solid while the body of the sock is patterned in the Dotted Diamond motif. The […]

Swedish Twined Socks

Textured Twined Socks

Level: Experienced. This pattern includes three sizes and can be worked in Guernsey yarn for a heavy sock or twined knitting yarn (fingering weight) for a lighter sock. The heel construction is very similar to conventional heel construction.  The gauge in twined knitting is 8 sts/8 rnds per inch.  This pattern assumes no familiarity with Twined Knitting. […]

Norwegian Lusekofte Socks

Lusekofte Socks

Level: Intermediate. This sock pattern is inspired by the Norwegian Lusekofte, or lice jacket, of the late 19th century in the Setesdal Vallay. The heel features a star motif. (There are three star motifs, depending on the size knitted.) The socks are stranded, knitted from the top to the toe, and are constructed with the Band […]