Alaska, Part 6: Friends, old and new

The people one meets at these events are really the whole point: deepening relationships with those you already know, and striking new friendships.  I feel lucky whenever I go back to teach a group more than once, because I love to get to know my students.  In this case, I felt closer to the inhabitants of Cordova, and I met new people too!  So often I never have a chance to mingle when I am off teaching. I see the airport, the hotel, and the classroom, period.  I could be in Wichita or Manhattan.   I was very grateful that Dotty allowed us teachers time off to explore, to rest, and to deepen connections.

One way she facilitated that was to have a potluck and everyone from the event was invited.  Two boxes of salmon were grilled to perfection!  And a good time was had by all!


Oh yeah! Fresh as fresh can be!
A fabulous spread!









Dotty, having a great time at the potluck.
Dotty, having a great time at the potluck.
Mary Jane Mucklestone, knitting a Fair Isle hat–of course!


Celia Quinn and I–I had always wanted to meet her! I admire her so much for her spinning skill.











2016-06-30 21.07.43
Kathy Hattori, famous dyer, who uses plant dyes. Check out her wonderful website!  We roomed together and had a blast!






Elizabeth Johnston, Shetland Spinner extraordinaire, and me!  See her blog here.







Kathryn Logan from the Moray Firth Gansey Project in Scotland
Kathy Cadigan in her beautiful handknit sweater. She takes the BEST photographs. Check out her Instagram feed.

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