Band weaving a la Backstrap

I took a workshop a few weekends ago on band weaving.  My instructor Trish LaPointe talked about how bands were an important part of life in earlier times because there were no zippers to hold things together.  Babies were swaddled with bands holding the wrap in place, bands were used to carry things and keep stuff together.  In addition they were used as decoration.

That was my motivation.  The Norwegian Fana Cardigan from the 19th century often had woven bands around every opening.  I hope to knit another Fana someday and would like to add this lovely touch to my sweater.  Meanwhile I need to practice a lot before I can make them as nice as Trish’s.

The class was lots of fun and covered basic weaving (changing the sheds) with a rigid heddle.  We also learned to thread the heddle and to make the warp chain: sort of backwards to the actual way one would do it all, but the perfect order for learning.

  • Trish is creating the warp
  • Chaining the warp
  • Threading the heddle with the warp
  • Popsicle sticks make good spacers!
  • Trish is demonstrating how to weave.
  • My effort!
  • This finely woven band is what I aspire to!


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