Compass Rose Sanquhar Gloves

Compass Rose Gloves

Level: Challenging.  Sanquhar Gloves have captivated the Scottish and non-Scottish alike since the late 1800’s when they were first created.  These gloves were favored for riding and driving horses, playing the sport of curling, and looking  smart as well!  Several classic patterns have survived, most notably the Duke and Prince of Wales patterns.  The mathematics of Sanquhar Gloves is always the same.  The construction is unalterable, so that the only way to create different sizes is to change the gauge, or the number of stitches within the little boxes.  To preserve the motifs, this pattern is sized by changing needle sizes and gauge from US size 0000 to size 2 (1.25 to 2.75 mm).

Featured Techniques: The Double (or Long Tail) Cast-On, Avoiding the Color Crescent with Purls, The Salt and Pepper Cuff, The Thumb Gusset, Finger Gussets, Tips on Fingers

Sizes: Child’s Medium, Child’s Large/Woman’s XSmall, Woman’s Small/Medium, Woman’s Large/ Man’s Small, Man’s Medium, Man’s Large

Hand circumference: 6.5 (7, 7.25, 7.75, 8.5, 9.5) inches

If you live in the EU, please go to this website to purchase this pattern.  Thank you!

Compass Rose Sanquhar Gloves

You can purchase the kit from Beth’s Etsy shop by clicking here!


SIZES  Hand/Glove  Circumference Gauge* Needle size
Child’s Medium 6.5/ 7″ 30 sts/2 inches US#0000/1.25 mm
Child’s Large/Woman’s XSmall 7/ 7.5″ 28 sts/2 inches US #000/1.5 mm
Woman’s Small-Medium 7.25/ 7.75″ 27 sts/2 inches US  #00/1.75 mm
Woman’s Large/Man’s Small 7.75/ 8.25″ 25 sts/ 2 inches US #0/2 mm
Man’s Medium 8.5/ 9″  23 sts/ 2 inches US #1/ 2.25 mm
Man’s Large 9.5/ 10″ 21 sts/ 2 inches  US #2/2.75 mm

* Gauge is over two inches, worked in 2 color St st. See page 2 for swatch instructions. Needle size is only a suggestion! A gauge swatch is essential!

  • Needles: One set of five 7″ long (or shorter) dp needles, size needed to obtain the gauge for your hand circumference.
  • Yarn: One 1.75 oz-2 oz. ball/240-262 yards (~50 g/240 m) of smooth-textured, solid-colored fingering weight yarn, such as 3 or 4 ply sock yarn in each of two colors (Main Color-MC, an Contrast Color-CC)
  • Notions: St markers, sticky notes or magnetic board to aid in reading the chart, tapestry needle, scraps of contrast color yarn, tape measure.


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